Gas turbines are responsible for powering all kinds of things around the world. You have almost certainly benefited from them numerous times, probably without consciously acknowledging it. But what exactly are gas turbines? How do they work and how can you keep them running efficiently?

Here’s a quick guide telling you everything you need to know about these amazing systems…

What is a gas turbine?

A gas turbine is used to power various things including aircraft; trains; ships; pumps; gas compressors; tanks; and electrical generators to power e.g. homes.

What are the 3 main components of a gas turbine?

  • compressor
  • combustor
  • turbine

How does a gas turbine work?

  1. Air flowing through the gas turbine compressor is brought to very high pressure.
  2. Fuel is combined with the high pressure air and the mix is ignited.
  3. The high temperature, pressurised gas then enters and drives the turbine, as it expands.
  4. The turbine output is used to drive the compressor to continue the process.
  5. Any leftover energy can be used for the purpose of the turbine e.g. rotating a second turbine connected to an electrical generator.

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