It’s well-known but extremely concerning the fact that energy prices are very much on the rise. This is particularly worrying when your business depends on a gas turbine which requires enormous amounts of energy to run.

Naturally, you want to find ways to reduce costs and that can be done by minimising energy usage and maximising power output. While that may sound too good to be true, we’re here to show you how we’ve helped countless gas turbine sites around the world do just that.

It’s all about improving gas turbine compressor efficiency.

How to minimise energy usage

Unfortunately, you are probably wasting precious energy at your gas turbine site. It is likely that you are pumping gas into your gas turbine compressor that never fully combusts due to a system blighted by fouling.

At Rochem, we specialise in equipment and chemicals that specifically target this problem. We enable customers with the cost-efficient products they need to effectively clean their gas turbine compressors and restore lost power. Our customers know that every molecule of the increasingly expensive gas they use is given the best chance to generate the greatest profit.

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