Nobody’s in business intending to lose money. So, if you discover that your gas turbine is inefficient, you’ll want to do something about it. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to turn things around, improve your turbine’s performance and increase its output.

Stop wasting money and maximise your gas turbine’s efficiency. Here’s how…

Tackle high temperatures

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In a nutshell: the higher the temperature, the lower the efficiency. That’s because gas turbines use air, with denser air resulting in greater productivity.

The density of air is affected by temperature. The higher the temperature, the less dense the air and lower the mass flow. As turbine power output is proportional to air mass flow, it’s beneficial to keep the air temperature lower for a more productive machine.

Solution:One option is to install evaporative cooling equipment into the inlet ducting. As air passes through, moisture is absorbed and the air loses heat through evaporation. This results in cooler, denser air travelling through the compressor.

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