Hand on heart, nobody enjoys cleaning. However, most of us will freely admit to preferring a clean and tidy house to a messy one: it’s easier to find your keys, you don’t trip over things and the whole place just functions better!

That said, most houses require a fair amount of effort to maintain, but are much easier to keep in check once a regular cleaning schedule is in place. Some people manage this by having it vaguely in mind that there is bleach in one of the under-sink cupboards, having never seen nor used it. Others have the occasional big spring clean then keep to a regular timetable to tackle each room. Given the choice, I know whose bathroom I would prefer to use.

The principals of an effective house-cleaning timetable are basically the same for your compressor. Regular, scheduled washes interspersed with deeper cleans are the best way to keep your gas turbine performance at its peak. Cleaning in this way is much easier to manage and gives far better results than sporadic washes when the need becomes urgent.

Why do you need to clean your process compressor?

All that goes into your compressor is air and gas, so it can be hard to imagine how it could possibly get dirty. The problem is that the air inevitably carries tiny impurities such as pollution, salt and sand. Under high heat and pressure these foulants are deposited on your compressor blades and ‘bake’ in place. This in turn interrupts the fine-tuned airflow with a knock-on effect for efficiency.


Basically, if your process compressor is left dirty you will spend more and more on fuel to run a system that does not give you the output it should. Ultimately, you are likely to face unplanned shutdowns due to system failure.

Read more about how clean your process compressor is on our main website: https://www.rochem-fyrewash.com/news/64-how-clean-is-your-process-compressor/


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