When you stop and think, it makes perfect sense that a cleaner gas turbine compressor is a more efficient piece of equipment. An efficient compressor breaks down less often and requires less fuel, making it cheaper to run. For these reasons alone, it is worth keeping your compressor clean and running smoothly.

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Why does my gas turbine compressor need cleaning?

Through normal use, foulants build up inside your compressor. Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, this build up is inevitable.

Contaminants such as exhaust fumes, salt and sand enter the system through the air supply while essential lubricants can also end up in the wrong place.

These and other foulants coat the compressor blades and interrupt the airflow, with a knock-on effect when it comes to efficiency. The less aerodynamic system

  1. requires more fuel to run at the desired rate and
  2. will eventually stop working altogether if left for too long.

Fortunately, there are three simple steps to cleaner compressors. Follow these steps and you will not only enjoy peace of mind that your equipment is being kept in good working order, but you will also ultimately save money that would have been wasted on excess fuel and unscheduled shut downs.

Read more about how to get cleaner gas turbine compressors on our main website: https://www.rochem-fyrewash.com/news/51-three-steps-to-cleaner-gas-turbine-compressors/


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